You have 222 days left to prepare!!!

Gibraltar’s Answer to London Dungeons

The Mission

The Saturday 28th October, the Infected are in Gibraltar… to survive you must make your way through the city and complete the challenges to save humanity as we know it.

Use your wits to outsmart the malevolent horde or be transformed into a brain hungry, flesh eating monster! Think, sneak, hide or run on your mission to follow the trail of the Resistance.

Anyone infected may stand the chance of a cure, right now we just don’t know. The most important thing is that you complete the route and make it back to HQ.


But the streets are now swarming with the infected! And you don’t know who you can trust. Work as a team or leave your friends for Undead, Gibraltar needs its heroes to complete the network connection at the outposts and send the signal to the rest of the world!

More Info

*ZDay Registration@ 17:30pm at Grand Battery

*Game Start Time 18:00. Game time approx 1.5/2hrs

*More information will be released soon, but if you have any questions or just fancy a nice chat, drop us a message on here or email

*Please read the T&Cs before purchasing a ticket.

Contact Us

If you ready to face the challenge or you have some questions get in touch.