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The Mission

This Saturday 29th October, the Infected are in Gibraltar… to survive you must make your way through the city and complete the challenges in the Red and Black Zones to save humanity as we know it.

Use your wits to outsmart the malevolent horde or be transformed into a brain hungry, flesh eating monster! Think, sneak, hide or run on your mission to follow the trail of Resistance Outposts to Resistance HQ and be scanned for any signs of infection before you enter. Anyone infected may stand the chance of a cure, right now we just don’t know. The most important thing is that you complete the route and make it back to HQ.

But the streets are now swarming with the infected! And you don’t know who you can trust. Work as a team or leave your friends for Undead, Gibraltar needs its heroes to complete the network connection at the outposts and send the signal to the rest of the world!

The Details

*There are various ticket options including ZDay Zombie City Game (age 16+) + ZDay Official Afterparty at Boyds Nightclub (age 18+).

*ZDay Game Start Time 18:30 – please arrive between 18:00/18:30 at Boyds Nightclub. Game time approx 1.5/2hrs

*ZDay Official Afterparty at Boyds runs from 20:30 – 04:00

*More information will be released early October but if you have any questions or just fancy a nice chat, drop us a message on here or email

*Please read the T&Cs before purchasing a ticket.


Team Introduction

Welcome volunteer!

Before you decide to join our rescue squad, I need to tell you that this mission is dangerous… deadly would probably be a better word.
You, and rest the of your squad will have to scout out to different locations, collect food, water, and information about our outposts. You will have to risk your lifes, and enter locations thats are highly infected. The highest risk locations are rated as ‘red zones’ and ‘black zones’.
In every location there is a network device. You will have to log in, and set a network connection. This will then accelerate our signal, so that we can send a call out to the rest of the world.
Weapons are strictly forbidden.
No physical contact with the infected! You will become infected.
If you get infected, you will still have to finish the mission, and inform us of your status
Lastly… If you ever come across “Shadows”….
I beg you, run! Run for you life!!!



We don’t know where it came from. Some people say that it was developed by a pharmaceutical company, and tested on people from underdeveloped countries in Africa. Some say it was a mutation from an animal virus that attacks ants, and somehow found its way into Europe; from there to rest of the world. Some say that it’s just a plague sent by God! Whatever it is, and however it got spread, doesn’t matter now. The majority of the world is infected. Whoever, or whatever they are, they are everywhere, and they are deadly!

We shall continue communicating with other countries, hearing stories, terrifying stories!
For a while we were safe; we had it all under control. We could keep infection away from safe zones, take in anyone who was still a human. Until that one day… the day that everything changed.
A cruise ship landed on our east bay, broke through barricades, cut through the marina like scissors cut through paper. It was full of them! Hundreds of people… suddenly they weren’t people anymore. They were hungry! So hungry, and determined! In panic, soldiers started to shoot…. But it was too late. There were too many of them. Luckily we were able to close up some sectors, and push them back. Yet, with great cost, many of our folks got infected; there is still no telling if it can be cured. We don’t know if they are still human; but they were. They were our friends, our partners, our kids…

Our country is now divided to sectors, risk zones, safe places, and areas of high danger. Our hope is strong, as we keep reaching out to the world for help; so far we’ve had no luck. Will this ever end? Will the world we know, ever exist again?

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